16 Ply Trailer Tires vs 14 Ply

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Weight Capacity 16-ply Tire is designated for hauling the heaviest weight on intense surface applications with a weight capacity of 6500 lbs per tire. 14-ply Tire is highly recommended for executing light towing projects with approximately 4000 lbs weight capacity. Comfortable On The Road 16-ply… Read More »16 Ply Trailer Tires vs 14 Ply

Best 1/6 RC Truck (2022)

Are you looking for the best 1/6 RC truck? I collaborate with top RC enthusiasts and they are huge fans of these trucks. But, make sure to analyze crucial factors such as the wheel hitches, heavy-duty construction, and functionality before ticking it up. In this… Read More »Best 1/6 RC Truck (2022)