16 Ply Trailer Tires vs 14 Ply

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Weight Capacity 16-ply Tire is designated for hauling the heaviest weight on intense surface applications with a weight capacity of 6500 lbs per tire. 14-ply Tire is highly recommended for executing light towing projects with approximately 4000 lbs weight capacity. Comfortable On The Road 16-ply… Read More »16 Ply Trailer Tires vs 14 Ply

Are 12 Ply tires Good

Are 12 Ply Tires Good?

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10-ply or 12-ply tires? Which one is the most reliable and durable option for enhancing the load range? The more piles, the better performance. As more piles make the vehicle stronger. In such scenarios, are 12 ply tires good? Let’s tackle this situation. Are 12… Read More »Are 12 Ply Tires Good?