How To Replace Front Shocks On Chevy Silverado?

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Shocks provide luxurious feelings for passengers and drivers by soaking up every bump on the road. From rocky muddy to sudden jolts, shocks produce a dampening effect to lower road vibrations. Often people ask; how to replace front shocks on Chevy Silverado. In this article, you will have every information you need.

Check out this video on how to replace front shocks on Chevy Silverado.

How To Replace Front Shocks On Chevy Silverado?
  1. Preparing Firstly, gather some essential components including a wrench set, floor jacks, pry bars, and socket set. An electric impact wrench helps excellently in raising the truck. With some jack stands, raise the corners of the truck. Now place jacks under the rail frame.
  2. Removal – Utilize the power of the wrench to remove sway bar end links. Turn the bottom bolt while holding the nut to keep it still with the wrench. Remove the end links.
  3. Struts – If you’re planning to replace only shocks, here is an additional step you need to do. On the top of the strut, loosen out the nut until the coil is fully compressed. It will separate the shock from the struts.
  4. Installation – Get the new shocks into the perfect position through the strut and fix it with a giant center nut. Once the strut collar has come back to its place, leave your hold on the spring compression. With two 15mm bolts, install the shock, attaching it with the lower control arm. Now, reinstall the sway bar end links once again.
  5. Perfection – After making sure that every nut and bolt is thoroughly tightened, reinstall the wheels. Remove jack stands and lower the truck. We would advise you to give a test drive on the road to hear any strange noises accompanied by the shocks.

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Now you know how to replace front shocks on Chevy Silverado. It’s not easy but with the right materials and tools, a replacement won’t take time. Replacing yourself not just saves a chunk of money but it is an impressive time-consuming activity on holidays.

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