How To Replace Front Shocks On Dodge Ram?

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Shocks are quite crucial. They hold classic power in keeping the ride stable and safe on bumpy roads. When it comes to replacing front shocks on a dodge ram, things get slightly hectic. And we understand it. In this article, you will know how to replace front shocks on dodge ram.

Check out this video for a detailed description.

How To Replace Front Shocks On Dodge Ram
  1. Loosen It All – Put your arms over the tire and lose the top nut of the shock absorber with the help of an 18mm box wrench. It won’t be easy to lose it, you may need strong piler to tackle it. It’s better if you put on leather gloves or a cheater bar on the wrench to make it come off. Lose the nuts that hold the shock brackets and remove all the top nuts with bottom nuts and rubber bashing.
  2. Take It Out – Get a floor jack and raise the vehicle. Lower the dodge ram under the jack stands and slowly remove the lower shock bolt placed on the lower control arm. Now, remove the old shock.
  3. Installation – Now is the time to install new shocks. Assemble the cap piece and rubber bushing, it will be on the top. Pick it up and place it, then install the washer and grommet on top of the shock. Through the upper control arm, slowly insert the shock. Install nut, washer, and grommet.
  4. Tight It Up – With a torque wrench, tighten the bottom bolts and top nut. Don’t forget to get this installation confirmed by a professional. It’s recommended to consult with a specialist before you get your vehicle on the road.

    Extra Tip – If the jack doesn’t lift your vehicle high enough, just dig a small hole in your backyard.

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Shocks are specially designed to put forward original control and stability in intense applications. And now, you know how to replace shocks on dodge ram. It’s not rocket science but it sure sounds like one when it’s your first time replacing front shocks.

It’s better if you have spare hardware. Things become a breeze of air with essential firm tools.

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