How To Replace Shocks And Struts For Yourself?

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Every vehicle needs shocks and struts. It helps the vehicle to stabilize the movements, and enhance the control of every turning, acceleration, and braking on rough surfaces. People often buy shocks and struts or a combination of these two. But, the major problem comes when we don’t know how to replace shocks and struts for ourselves.

Here is the detailed video on how to replace shocks and struts for yourself.

How To Replace Shocks And Struts For Yourself?
  1. Disconnect The Components – First thing first, you will need to disconnect a few components of the struts. In such moments, all you need to do is memorize the location and position of the bolt. Soak the nuts and bolts in rust penetration liquid to assuring smooth performance. Now, on top of the rotor mount the gauge, while noting the angle.
  2. Ending The End Link – Just kidding. Don’t end it, rather disconnect the stabilizer bar end link and brake lines to remove hurdles from struts. Take the help from the wench, hold it and get the nut loosened. Get out the end link from the strut hole while disconnecting the speed sensor wiring harness. Keep all of them aside.
  3. Some Removing And Loosening – This part requires some hard muscle movements. Lose the strut nuts and remove them. Now, start loosening the bolts and push the steering knuckle a little harder to remove them.
  4. Separation Of Mount Nuts – Pick up a pry bar and separate the strut and the knuckle. Now, come towards the strut tower and take out the ratcheting wrench to loosen the mount nuts. Remove all of them and leave one.
  5. New Shocks and Struts – It’s the most detailed and hectic part. It’s the total reverse version of removal and in this, you will need a friend’s help. With help, get the new strut into the place and make your friend hold it. Now, torque the mount nuts to specs. Into the strut flange, push the steering knuckle gently, and align the hole with a pin punch for insertion of the bolt.

    Remove the punch and insert another nut, but don’t tighten them. Reattach your angle gauge as close as possible to the chamber angle and torque the nuts. Reinstall all the components you removed in the beginning.

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We can’t say that the installation of shocks and struts is unproblematic, it’s a lot of work. But with this step-by-step guide, you must have known how to replace shocks and struts for yourself. With some practice and hustle, you will master the procedure!

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